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I started a blog on my Adastra Speech website in 2015 when I left teaching in academia to start my own business doing exactly what I wanted to do - private speech coaching for non-native speakers of English who want to improve their spoken English skills. Since I jumped in the deep end of learning everything about working on my own, things like the blog got lost in the daily busyness of business.

I often wanted to write again but didn’t know what people didn’t know and would like to know more about. Of all the changes that happened in 2020, moving my in-person Meetup group online was one of the best things that happened. I enjoyed it so much that I added another day/time to the American English Pronunciation group and added another group, American English Intonation. The people that come to the Meetups are motivated and dedicated and ask really good questions. That’s inspired me to write again. I’ll be writing on topics that they ask about and have started a discussion here so anyone can submit questions and I hope you do.


I have enjoyed the interaction the Meetups have and hope that interaction can continue in the written form. I’ll be writing more about how accent modification works and advice that you can apply to your own speech.

I created a free guide for the first steps to take to improve English speaking and listening skills that you can download here. It provides a foundation for creating a practice plan and speaking opportunities.


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I'm thinking about how to help non-native speakers of English reach their goals of improving their spoken English skills. Some posts are lessons, some are about communication skills, and some are updates about my projects for my coaching business.


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