Current Projects of Christi Barb/Adastra Speech

I'm working on several things at once. Will writing about it help keep me accountable to keep making progress? We'll see.

Finished! Not Finished!   I don't know how long I've said I wanted to write my own book and I finally did it.
Today is my 200th day of writing my book! I use to calculate how many days ahead the next set of 100 will be and exclude weekends and…
Five months later...Here’s what I’ve done since my August 2nd post about my current projects.
...and sounds, and words, and meanings - I guess I shouldn’t have regret about not starting my book sooner because I have had time to answer more…
and come back stronger
I’ve practiced for years to get these ears!
I think writing down what I’m currently doing and the progress of the projects will help me keep things sorted out and accountable. Here’s what I’m…
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