Right Here, Right Now

I think writing down what I’m currently doing and the progress of the projects will help me keep things sorted out and accountable. Here’s what I’m working on:

Book - I’ve been writing the book I’ve always wanted to write about accent modification. I started in March and my goal is to finish a complete draft by the end of the year. I’m halfway there so I’m making good progress. I never would have made it this far without my writing accountability partner who meets me every morning at 9am on Zoom. We each write on our own books, but that daily check-in is what has provided consistency and support.

App - I’m working on making an app that will provide practice for the speaking skills I teach. This is based on practicing in small amounts more frequently to help people develop the habit of practicing. I don’t have the tech skill to make it so I’m working with a wonderful person who has the tech skills and I need to supply the language content. I need to provide more content more quickly. I’m slacking.

Online Courses - I’ve started transferring my teaching materials to an online course format. Since I’ve started writing the book I’ve been updating my teaching materials so now I need to go back and update that same information on the courses. I also need to make explanation videos to insert into every page.

YouTube videos - After each Meetup (Pronunciation & Intonation, I record myself pronouncing the words and sentences that we practiced together in the group so people can go back and listen again. I get asked really good questions and have started a list of videos to make that will go into more detailed answers than I have time to give in the Meetup group.

Newsletter/Blog - I’m going to start using the content I’m writing in the book to post as articles/newsletters/blogs, whatever you want to call them. I haven’t been able to keep up a weekly or even a monthly blog so this will be a challenge for me. I plan on getting a head start and begin writing before I start publishing them. I started the blog I’m writing right now as a free-writing experience to share what I’m working on as I work on it as separate from the accent modification information blog. I don’t have a specific point in the future identified when I’ll be able to look back when these projects are finished, but I hope to be able to document progress.

This was a good experience. Just writing it all down makes me more aware of how many things I’m doing at once. All of this is at the same time as meeting with my current clients for private speech coaching.